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Change & Creativity:  How to Unlock Creativity in a Changing Environment

22/06/2020 17:00Change & Creativity: How to Unlock Creativity in a Changing Environment    


Change & Creativity:  How to Unlock Creativity in a Changing Environment


1. Why creativity is an issue today more than ever in the corporate world and beyond

We take a look at the VUCA environment and the importance of agility and learning at the workplace.

2. To understand the creative process, neuroscience is an eye-opener

Cognitive biases in decision-making and stress-induced behaviors stand in the way of creating the brain connections that open the way for creativity.

3. The link between positive psychology and creativity techniques

Focusing on strengths and freeing resources are two levers to pull before creativity & innovation can become a part of the culture.

4. Psychological safety and trust as prerequisites for a fertile creative environment

Fear is the biggest brake for people to come forward and dare take risks – or simply speak out when they see a mistake happening. We take a look at what is needed to facilitate psychological safety.

5. We discover a technique to let unconscious contents emerge

JJ, a trained relaxation therapist, will take participants on a journey of alpha-state insights.

6. How to foster a collaborative culture while maintaining high performance standards

Creativity is best unleashed when harnessed into collective intelligence, coupled with high performance standards that motivate people to exceed expectations.

7. Final Questions Roundtable


The session of 1h30 includes several moments of sharing with the participants, polls, Q/A. 




The session will be recorded - your registration will be understood as acceptance

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