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What is SIMACS

SIMACS is the interprofessional union of the professions of accompaniment, coaching and supervision. It gathers more than 5,000 accompaniment professionals: professional coaches, supervisors and other support professions; Its purpose is to ensure the defence and representation of the common interests of its members.


AICC, member of SIMACS

In March 2021, AICC-HEC-Paris joined the other SIMACS member associations. AICC-HEC-Paris was the 7th member. At that time, SIMACS was composed of the following members:

- EMMC France ICF France

- PSF France

- SFCoach



- AICC-HEC-Paris

The presence of AICC-HEC-Paris in this union involves many hours of volunteering, in order to participate, alongside major coaches' associations, in deliberations that can strongly impact the place of our professions for the coming years.


SIMACS, member of CINOV

One of the important actions is to promote the integration of professional support professions in one of the largest French professional branches, the BETIC branch in order to:

- To be recognized as economic actors in the French parity system, to weigh in professional and social negotiations with the Public Authorities

- Ensure our representativeness

- Benefit from shared services inaccessible at the level of a single union


SIMACS and the recognition of the profession of professional coach

Since 2021, by delegation of France Competence, SIMACS has become the central certifying body for the profession of "professional coach". It is the culmination of substantial work, carried out by the RNCP commission of SIMACS, aimed at strengthening in France the regulation of the profession of "professional coach".

This demanding work has achieved to offer both a high-level reference system, respectful of the different currents of professional practice, and a certification process that will guarantee both practice excellence and improved professional integration for new certified.

Last update : 02/12/2022