AICC HEC-Paris engages with FORCE FEMMES

AICC HEC-Paris wished to sign up a convention for solidary coaching with FORCE FEMMES to contribute, accompany and support jobless women over 45 years of age in their search for employment or in their steps for business creation.  

Solidary Coaching to accompany those women with an efficient, benevolent support and respect comes as a neutral addition, also reinforcing and bringing an instructive light on the benefits of individual professional coaching.

The accompaniment aims to restore self-confidence and autonomy for those women, often excluded or suffering from a lack of guidelines on the labor market. It’s delivered by certified, and supervised coaches from HEC Paris, members of AICC-HEC Paris respecting the values in agreement with the ethical and deontological chart.

AICC HEC Paris is proud of having signed this convention in the aim to offer a free service to these women who might not be able to afford it otherwise.

The association FORCE FEMMES was created in 2005 by women entrepreneurs out of a collective dynamic of women solidarity wishing to personally engage for employment. The association represents the idea that women over 45 of age are to be considered a force for an enterprise. FORCE FEMME shares its network of voluntary experts, who are specialized in professional job reintegration and/or entrepreneurial process, to guide, to counsel and to support these women all along their path.

FORCE FEMMES is a national association with 16 local antennas (North and South of Paris, Amiens, Angoulême, Avignon, Bordeaux, Caen, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Reims, Rennes, St.Etienne, Strasbourg).

Out of the shared desire of both networks, AICC HEC Paris and FORCE FEMMES, a common will was born to engage together in creating reinforced opportunities for cooperation, with the objective to develop entrepreneurship or professional job reintegration for women over 45 of age, and thus, to conceal excellence and social responsibility creating positive energy.

Solidary coaching is identical to individual coaching and is offered to women, often weakened, but wishing to benefit from it. The coaching will allow them to get exchange, listening, a moment of re-mobilization, of transition and personal benefits.

It’s a way to reinforce and to strive for the maturity of their professional project, their employability and to support and develop their skills for their initiatives.

Coachings : transition, orientation, motivation, evolution, change or taking up a new position …

Contact: marielaure.bonvarlet@coachs-certifié 

Last update : 23/12/2020