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COACH : our brain, our body, our heart will contribute in designing the future.


Professional coaching is a phenomenon which encouters growing success in corporates and more gerenally the busiess world. Its practice grew quickly over the last few years as it answers the needs related to specific problems of each individual, but also the need to obtain performance, to get results rather quickly in terms of learning and professional and personal development. It is now for everybody.


New methods are constantly devolopping: audacity, modernity and more generally evolutions of the profession are now inevitable. The professional coaching needs to adapt to the uncertainty of multiple changes of the working world such as innovations, frames, models, evolution for employees, managers and executives; to adjust to everybody's life rhythm, to enable easily coaching being mobile or from distance (Skype, Webex, phone, hotline platform…) and above all, at the best time for the person who is asking for it!


However, here is the question: are we still providing professional coaching? What coach posture does it imply and what are the real evolutions for the profession over time? 


It's a fact that the future of professional coaching will be influenced by a number of factors such as digital work, the players, the profession, the tools, the meaning, the postures, the temporality, the technologies, the intelligence, the organizations…


Other variable elements have to be taken into account:


  • The specialization of coaching (for example: the place of the horse in coaching, coaching on the image, coaching and mediation, synchronicity coaching, coaching in outplacement…)
  • The contribution of neurosciences (White book / and others
  • The learning organization and thus the new requests from the companies
  • The importance of Soft Skills (goodbye competencies, hello soft skills)
  • The change of paradigm in the world of the HR, the "Transforming" HRD (white book of Jobsféric.fr0
  • The new ways of working (smart working, slashers, contract for mission, etc…)
  • The tariffs for coaching (individual, collective, market, platforms…)



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Last update : 23/12/2020