In order to set up a dynamic of creativity, sharing, research, reflection and development of the trade of coach and its tools, the Leadership Team has been created. It consists of 13 Committees. Each Committee is made up of a leader and several contributors who will develop its activities and make our community radiate.


Do not hesitate to call on them if you wish to integrate one committee or take part to meetings.




Committee 1


"Membership, Directory, Intranet, Welcome and Accompaniment of new members” to make the association be known to new certified coaches, welcome them ant accompany them in their membership.

Leader: Sylvie Plouchard;

Contributors: Evelyne Guffens, François Malrieu.

Committee 2


"Collaborative and Collective Intelligence” to create a collaborative dynamic, a source of creativity and efficiency to support the life of the committees and the whole of the association as well as its development and radiation.

Leader: Aurélie Chalbos ;

Contributors: Nicolas Revol, Fodil Benrabia, Bénédicte Gariel.

Committee 3


"Communication and digital presence" to develop a digital presence allowing the community of HEC coaches to be visible.

Leader: Murielle Charles ;

Contributors: Nelly Dubout, Pierre Villemur.







Committee 4


"Events and Conferences" to suggest events (conferences, workshops, colloquium…) to the members in order to enrich them, to professionalize them, to exchange and develop the image and renown of HEC coaches on the market.

Leader: Murielle Charles ;

Contributors: Bouchra Gabet, Claire Gautier, Patrick Grang, Sylvie Plouchard, Elodie Ract-Madoux, Stanislas Rech.

Committee 5


"Practices Sharing, InterVision, Mentoring and Support to the newly Certified" to expand the talents of each (Juniors and Seniors) in some cohesion and a high professionalism of practice in facilitation a continuous learning.

Leader: Nelly Dubout;

Contributors: Emmanuelle Fiton-Hellier, Bouchra Gabet, Christophe Lemonnier, Fodil Benrabia, Stanislas Rech, Hélène Bouver-Dzerwa.

Committee 6


"Think Thank, Practical Evolutions, R&D" to give visibility to the members on the evolution of the market/practices, to sound out the market and the actors, to contribute to the radiation of the Association, to strengthen the ethics shared by the IACC-HEC community: rules, evolution of the trade.

Leader: Marie-Laure Bonvarlet ;

Contributors: Michelle Servoise, Mounia Benhida, Florence Lotz, Céline Marque.




Committee 7


"Promotion of HEC Coaches, lobbying and business exchanges" to be tuned to the needs of the clients, to establish an added value to HEC certified coaches.

Leader: Carole El Zein Corbanese;

Contributors: Sylvie Marchal, Norma Loeffel, Nelly Bittane-Hanin, Laurence Costi, Valérie Dorléans.

Committee 8



Leader: Carole El Zein Corbanese;

Contributors: Nelly Dubout, Valérie Dorleans, Isabelle Marechal

 Committee 9


"Regions" to help enhance what the association bring to each region and favour locally the development of a network with a community vocation.

​Leader: Jean-Christophe Thibaud;

Contributor: Philippe Vivier.





Committee 10


"International" to create and lead the community of HEC certified coaches at international level; to contribute actively to the radiation of "HEC Executive Coaching label" at the international level; to enrich the practices in opening to and getting inspiration from what is happening in other countries.

Leaders: Mounia Benhida / Bénédicte Gariel ; 

Contributrice : Mathilde Guillou

Committee 11


"Budget, law and control of the accounts" to supervise the accounts and the accounting methods, to ensure that they are readable and transparent to all the members; to verify the consistency between all the planned actions and the budget, to control its fulfilment; to bring juridical and financial services to the members (especially to the newly certified) to accompany their professionalization.

Leader: François Malrieu;

Contributor: Eric Vennin.

Committee 12


"Promoting AICC-HEC Paris to the community of certified coaches" to assert their assets for growth.

Leader: Christophe Lemonnier;

Contributor: Cécile Nadal.





Committee 13


"Public services, Associations, Collective Coaching" to develop coaching among the public and association communities.

Leader: Alexandre Duguet;

Contributors: Fadil Benrabia, Corinne Brouard, Stanislas Rech, Isabelle Depayras, Valerie Dorleans, Pascale Duclos, Sabine Travert-Cortès, Olivier Cannarella



Last update : 08/12/2020