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AICC HEC Paris - Our vision

The base for professional coaching is first and foremost to accompany a client to find his/her own solutions, to look at the situations which (s)he has to manage differently and to clarify his/her problems and questions. It is a real process of autonomy. It is also an alliance between the coach and his/her client, a relationship of confidence in full parity in a process of reflection, creativity and co-construction. It is coaching with a humanist vision.


The client is the master of the content, (s)he is voluntary, defines the themes of each meeting, in being consistent with the aims defined for the accompaniment, in agreement with all the stakeholders of the company, and according the rule book. (S)He is demanding regarding him-/her-self and towards his/her coach.



The coach is the master of the process while individualizing the position of each person accompanied. (S)He observes a “low” posture while being firm on the framework of the coaching. (S)He is supervised all along in his/her practice, works personally, (s)he is committed in a coach association, respects the charter from his/her training as well as from the association.


The coach and his/her posture and ethics represent the most powerful ground tool which will make up the alchemy of all his/her intelligences (cognitive, emotional, situational, somatic…), will allow him/her to identify, through various practices, the approaches, tools, what is the most adapted to accompany his/her client to reach and surpass his/her own targets. The coach is aligned, rigorous, professional and do not hesitate to practice confrontation with kindness and without complacency.


The job of coach cannot be improvised. It requires first and foremost an ability to challenge and an openness to the other, listening and presence abilities, a knowledge of oneself and an understanding of the company. It is a “vocation” and a commitment on the long term: a watch on one’s practices, a confrontation with the pairs, the reinforcement of one’s abilities, the call for innovating tools to be still more at the service of the development and the success of the person who is being coached.


Our Vision of coaching is also an accompaniment at the service of the person being coached in his/her fullness, aligned and indivisible. This type of coaching develops the individual and collective potential for it addresses itself to the person entirely, in his/her professional and personal life, in his/her spiritual, emotional, unconscious and corporal dimensions, to bring him/her to connect him- / her-self with more authenticity and alignment to him- / her-self, to other people, to other cultures, as well as the nature around.


And to add, team coaching multiplies the efficiency of individual coaching. The organization coaching is the new border for coaching, a tank for growth and innovation for a professional world where each stakeholder finds meaning to his/her mission and contributes to the general Vision of the company and its raison d’être.


Last update : 02/11/2020