Le sens est l'essence

de notre identité !



The idea of this Association dates back to 2010. Time taken for maturation, reflection and mainly the commitment and volunteering for the project allowed to make it a success!


It was during the working day gathering 230 coaches at the HEC Paris in January 2018 that the beginning of some work around the meaning, vision, ambition, mission and role of our association started.


IACC-HEC Paris originated in December 2018 and was launched on February 25th, 2019.




Who are the certified coaches of HEC Paris?

From various professional worlds, the IACC-HEC Paris coaches have all in common the discipline, the professionalism, the openness and the caring confrontation.


The training and certification, the strong times, shared in the natural place of Jouy en Josas site, allowed a real concentration and an anchoring for the achievements and practices with high level professionals.


The commitment before the beginning of the training on the ethic charter of the HEC Paris Coach, the personal work and the supervision, all along the practice of coaching, are the base for the future certified coaches.


« Le coach HEC est pluraliste au niveau des techniques et résolument centré sur l’humain ; il est son principal outil, facilitateur relationnel, responsabilisant et ouvert sur l’international. Parce qu’il a vécu personnellement une remise en cause, il est capable d’apporter à ses clients un voyage de transformation personnelle. Sa posture offre de la sécurité, donne des autorisations et permet à l’entreprise de bénéficier d’apport d’énergie extérieur. « Tenant des miroirs » il permet des prises de conscience et est porteur d’appropriation du changement dans les entreprises. »  Citation de Michel Giffard.

« The HEC coach is pluralistic at the level of techniques and genuinely centred on the humane; (s)he is his/her main tool, a relational facilitor, responsabilising and open to the international. Because (s)he lived a personal reconsideration, (s)he is able to bring a journey into personal transformation to his/her clients. His/her posture offers security, gives authorisations and allow to the company to benefit of an input of outside energy. "Holder of mirror", (s)he allows to become aware and to be the holder of appropriation of change in the companies" Quotation by Michel Giffard (our translation)


The coach and his/her posture, his/her ethos represent the main tools which are forming the alchemy of all intelligence (cognitive, emotional, situational, interpersonal…) and will allow, through various practices, approaches, tools, to identify what is better adapted to accompany his/her client to reach and surpass his/her aims.


IACC-HEC Paris is the preferred place for the certified coaches to pursue and develop together this path to perfection, rigorousness and professionalism of the trade of coach.

Last update : 04/11/2019