Association Internationale des Coachs Certifiés-HEC Paris (AICC-HEC Paris)

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150€/ YEAR (rolling 12 month)






Congratulations! You are now connecting with the community of the certified coaches of HEC Paris! Welcome among us!


Dear future members,


The membership to the IACC-HEC Paris, the only association of coaches created with the support of HEC Paris, is open to the Coaches who are certified by HEC Executive Education Coaching. The association aims at developing and promoting coaching in all its forms, being individual coaching, team coaching, organisation coaching, coaching in international contexte and also including supervision. It aims to convey to everybody the will and the energy to dare to accomplish oneselve as a coach, but also to:


  • Federate HEC certified coaches around a participative and supportive governance, based on the collective intelligence of its members, partners and groups of pairs, and the basis of shared practices and code of ethics.
  • Accompany the HEC certified coaches along their carriers through: seminars, conferences, collaborative platforms, professional directory, sharing of practices.
  • Promote HEC Executive Eduction Coaching and professional coaching within Organizations in order to develop their human potential  in bringing a specific business vision inherited from HEC trademark…


A few days further your adhesion:


  • You will receive a link for the Intranet access including your mail created for IACC. For our members we make a specific mail adress available facilitating intranet conection and interconnection with the community: This mailadress is unique and materialises the strong link among the certified coaches of HEC Paris.
  • When connecting with your specific mail adress, you first need to create your password and then connect to our Intranet (on the top right corner of the screen "member access". Once in the Intranet you can fill your personal file for the directory by selecting "My file" on the top left side of the welcome page of the Intranet. It's only after having completed your personal file and having accepted to be also visible in the external directory, your information will become visible and can be researched by "Find a coach".
  • You will also be part of the internal directory and benefit from the geolocalisation of the members available on the intranet only accessible to the members of IACC-HEC.
  • Your specific mail also allows to connect to the collaborative WORKPLACE of the members (you need to load the application on your workstation and access with your specific mail and password you define for the workplace).


Your membership allows you to :



  • Be part of the Professional Directory IACC-HEC Paris accessible through the IACC-HEC-Paris website "Find a coach" and to take part in clients’ consultations
  • Access to our collaborative platform WORKPLACE dedicated to our members
  • Use the Ethical and Deontological Chart of IACC-HEC Paris in your commercial client contracts
  • Receive all mailings and newsletters published by IACC-HEC Paris
  • Take part in the activities and services of IACC-HEC Paris such as workshops for good practice sharing, for professionalization, webinars, conferences and the "colloque". All activities are accessibles with a special reduced member rate. Some workshops are exclusively reserved for our members.
  • Benefit from services proposed by our partners with a special rate for our members (Partnerships)
  • Share all results of our different work commissions, participate and contribute to the live of the Association and to the Leadership Team
  • Be part of the internal directory of our members and benefit from the geo-localization facility of our members.



Feel free to contact us if you have any question 

Yours truly


The Board and Bureau of IACC-HEC Paris





Last update : 04/11/2020