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IACC-HEC Paris is the ideal place for certified coaches to continue and develop together the path to excellence, rigorousness and professionalization of the trade of coach.
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Le château ©Jean-Marc Biais Hec Paris

Le château ©Jean-Marc Biais Hec Paris

A demanding certification; a rich and humanist training; an excellent teaching;

A Charter of the HEC Coach Paris implying professional code of practice and ethics;

And the commitment of a quality support adapted to the expectations of our clients.



The International Association of Certified Coaches – HEC Paris was founded a year after the first meeting on January 31st, 2018 at Château Jouy-en-Josas.




31 Janvier 2018

31 January 2018

Some history, on January 31st, 2018, our Community set things in motion: 230 coaches answered the call from HEC Paris and met at the Château for a one day of working groups to elaborate the foundation of our future Community.

15 Septembre 2018

15 September 2018

On September 15th, the working groups presented the results: The Manifesto of the future Community, its Meaning, Vision, Ambition, Role, Mission and the relationships with the Ecosystem of our Community.


The participants vote unanimously for the foundation of the Association and approve the Manifesto.

11 Décembre 2018

11 December 2018

On December 11th, 2018, the foundation meeting adopts the statutes and designates a first Bureau who proceeds to the foundation to the IACC-HEC Paris.



1400 Certified Coaches HEC Paris since 2003





Open to the Certified Coaches of HEC Paris Executive Education Coaching, the International Association of Certified Coaches – HEC Paris (IACC-HEC Paris) aims at developing and promoting coaching in all its forms (individually, in team, organisation, international, supervision…) to transmit to each person the desire and energy to dare accomplish him/her-self.


The Meaning is the Essence of our Identity :


An implying, demanding, humanist, rigorous training, the power of the position of certified coach of HEC Paris. A Community of Excellence and Openness to the realm of possibilities, the meaning of the collective, the desire to DARE which is dear to HEC Paris, and the will to reconcile the economics and the humane, a professional experience, the possibility to change direction, to initiate, and the sense of co-creation with our clients.


Becoming a member of IACC-HEC Paris means representing and leading a network, thanks to the commitment of each of us (with the membership fees and through the availability given as volunteer, mentor or temporary employee, to our Community).





Its Missions :

  • Uniting the certified coaches of HEC Paris around a participative and solidary governance, based on the collective intelligence of its members and partners, the groups of pairs, and around the basis of common practice and ethics.
  • Accompanying the certified Coaches HEC Paris all along their careers: seminars, conferences, collaborative platforms, professional directory, exchange of practices.
  • Promoting its values and initiatives among the Organisation bringing a business vision specific inherited from the mark HEC Paris.
  • Operating synergies with the school HEC Paris, notably around the teaching delivered by the HEC Paris Executive Education Coaching in an equal way on the initial and continuous training than the Life Long Learning.
  • Insuring the watch of the market of coaching to have its members benefit from the last tendencies.
  • Contributing to the research and the innovation in nourishing links with the key actors in matters of humanities, social sciences and emerging sciences such as applied neurosciences in management.
  • Developing partnerships with other schools for feed the research (Harvard – ENA, etc.)





President : Norma Loeffel

Vice-President : Marie-Laure Bonvarlet

Treasurer : François Malrieu

General Secretary: Michelle Servoise

Deputy Vice-President, Collaborative Dynamic : Aurélie Chalbos




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